War in Europe, weeks 90 and 91, weeks 6 and 7

The war in Ukraine drags on, and the Tsar continues to slaughter innocent civilians for his personal gain.

Unfortunately, the Tsar has found a new ally in Europe – the Dutch have elected a far-right politician for president. Together with Hungary’s president, the two ultra-nationalists do not bode well for our efforts to protect the Ukraine and thus ourselves against the Tsar’s imperialist ambitions.

The Arab-Israeli war has entered a new phase, with a temporary truce and the exchange of hostages. For the sake of the people living there, I hope they will soon reach a step toward lasting peace!

But I am skeptical; the military leaders of Hamas, like the Tsar, have no interest in protecting the lives and well-being of civilians; their only interest lies in their respective ideologies of power and the illusion of their own grandeur.

Two weeks from now, the Earth Social Conference will start in Casanare, Colombia. The program is almost complete, logistics are in place, and I can’t wait to meet all the other climate activists from around the globe to build a realistic alternative to the COP.

KubeCon in Chicago was good but less energetic than the spring conference in Amsterdam. And there were new Geekos!

(Geekos on the shelf, Cologne, 11/16.23)

War in Europe, weeks 88 and 89, weeks 4 and 5

Even though the Tsar is continuing to murder Ukrainians, the occupation is overshadowed by the Israeli-Arab conflict and the bloody battles there.

Antisemitism is on the rise worldwide; the Abraham Accords are on hold, so Hamas has already achieved its fundamental goal of isolating Israel and making a lasting peace highly unlikely.

Portraying Hamas, a very violent and militant Islamist terrorist group, as “freedom fighters” is no small PR feat – Hamas fighters hate Jews and Queers with a vengeance and strongly oppose Women’s rights; there is no freedom whatsoever in a world controlled by Hamas.

To be clear: There is no justification for killing innocent civilians, neither for religion nor revenge, or both; the space for compassion, however, is currently being drowned out by righteous ignorance.

One casualty of this is Fridays for Future, torn apart by warring factions from the Left.

Does the climate emergency care? No, global heating will continue to destroy our planet as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels.

Will we all suffer? Yes.

(The “L”, Chicago, 11/4/23)

War in Europe, weeks 86 and 87, weeks 2 and 3

The people of Ukraine are still fighting heroically against the Tsar’s aggression and seem to be making progress. That’s good news!

Not so good news from the other war, however. Countless innocent civilians are being killed daily on both sides, and all we can do from afar is hope for a quick end to the bloodshed and support everybody affected.

And of all the conflicts in the world, Greta decided to wade smack into the middle of the Arab–Israeli conflict. Oh well.

The climate emergency does not wait, nor can we dally with finding a solution. In December, there will be the Earth Social Conference in Casanare, Colombia, where climate realists from all over the world will get together to work on a global strategy.

We’ll be there with a delegation from Cologne – I hope to see you there, too!

(Disarstar – Rolex für Alle Tour, Carlswerk Victoria, 10/15/23)

War in Europe, week 85 and week 1

And another war! Not only does the Tsar continue his pointless slaughter, but now Iran-backed Hamas has started an all-out war against Israel.

It almost seems as if the dictators of this world are trying to bomb our rules- and values-based world back into the rule of (male) power.

Should Xi Jinping use the opportunity to start a war against Taiwan, we’ll be in yet another world war at a time when we should unite and deal with the climate emergency as the planetary species that we are.

There is no Planet B, not for the Tsar, the Mullahs, or Xi Jinping. Or Elon, for that matter.

(Alte Commerzbank, Cologne, 9/24/23)

War in Europe, weeks 78 through 84

The Tsar continues his senseless slaughter of civilians, and right-wing politicians worldwide offer their support.

Even though the war has faded from the public eye, people in Ukraine are dying daily. So are people in the Mediterranean Sea because right-wing governments refuse to establish safe migration routes.

On our path to a climate emergency, we have passed a couple of climate markers and are now en route to global heating between 2 and 3 degrees, leaving large parts of our planet uninhabitable.

The world is not a happy place right now.

The last global climate strike offered hope, with turnout returning to pre-Covid levels. But we must do more – a plan for an equitable and sustainable present!

As COP28 is wholly broken and headed by fossil fuel officials, we’re supporting the plans for an alternative conference at the same time, the Earth Social Conference.

(Sharepic by @EarthSocialConf, X, 10/2/23)

War in Europe, weeks 75 through 77

No change to report – the Tsar continues his atrocities, now targeting civilians, mainly children, and their food supply. How can a person with a sane mind enjoy mass-murdering people? And why would people in his country support this?

There’s also no change to report on the climate front – our government is an utter failure and entirely enthralled by the fossil fuel lobby. And the German auto manufacturers. Or is there any other valid reason not to limit the speed on motorways?

In September, they plan an international car fair in Munich, the IAA. There might be protests, though, to spoil the fun.

Also, in September, there will be the next global climate strike, and leading up to this date, Fridays for Future has resumed the weekly Friday protests.

(Don’t talk – fight, Cologne Central Station, 8/11/23)


War in Europe, weeks 72 through 74

Adding to his list of atrocities, the Tsar is now deliberately bombing grain silos in Ukraine, risking food security in Africa and starving people. He claims to be Christian, so I think his god will likely throw him and his minions into the deepest parts of hell after they pass on.

Unfortunately for us, right-wing ideology is on the rise everywhere. I believe it’s the patriarchy fearing the loss of privilege and, in the process, trying to destroy everything that’s not White and does not fit into their narrow worldview. (If you haven’t seen Barbie, do that now!)

Pride was much more political this year than the previous year because of the backlash against universal human rights in countries ruled by right-wing dictators and autocrats.

And there is the issue of the impending climate emergency – our current government is a complete failure in this regard. Instead of at least trying to curb greenhouse gas emissions, they are actively increasing the burning of fossil fuels, framing themselves as beacons of stability while completely ignoring the catastrophic changes we have inflicted on our planet. Oh well.

The next global climate strike will be on September 15th!

(Fridays for Future, Cologne Pride, 7/9/23)

War in Europe, weeks 69 through 71

The Tsar is continuing his war crimes, but the people of Ukraine are making progress – I really hope we’ll see a free Ukraine soon!

Domestic politics are a huge mess – most parties are trying to outdo each other in rescinding progress on climate issues, fearing the wrath of a small but very vocal group of right-wing conservative voters.

And the EU is getting really worse on the issue of migration – instead of protecting refugees and migrants, the EU decided to fight against them. #notMyEU

Meta is trying to conquer the fediverse. Oh well.

Pride month is over, but next Sunday there will be a big parade for Cologne Pride! This is the most important date on our local calendar, together with Carnival.

(Pride preparations, Alte Feuerwache Köln, 7/3/23)

War in Europe, weeks 67 and 68

The brave people of Ukraine are slowly advancing against the Tsar’s invaders.

I sincerely hope that Ukraine will be able to defeat Russia and free its people! I’m pretty happy that the EU is in for the long run and will continue to support Ukraine even if the US should succumb to fascism in the next election.

The so-called “Liberals” in our government keep protecting the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our future. Like the party-that-should-not-be-named, they are playing with the people’s fear of change and promising them a technology wonderland that will magically solve the climate emergency without change or effort. What on earth did we think when we elected them?

Stopping fossil fuels will not be possible while using cars as our primary means of production – a good alternative is bicycles!

(FFF cargo bike for the Sternfahrt, Cologne, 6/16/23)

War in Europe, weeks 65 and 66

“Nothing like waking up to Russians committing more insane war crimes” (Kris)

In the early hours of today, the Tsar destroyed Dnipro Dam, endangering the lives of many Ukrainians and destroying their livelihood; the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant seems also to be destroyed.

He also continues to attack Kherson while rescue workers evacuate civilians.

That’s so beyond redemption.

On climate, the “Liberals” in our coalition government are trying to block every measure that might limit CO2 emissions. We will continue to work to keep the coal in the ground for the remaining two open-pit lignite mines.

On June 25, the next protest will be at the Welzow mine.

Summer is finally here, and the spring simulcasts are drawing to a close.

(Dead Mount Death Play, Crunchyroll, 6/5/23)