War in Europe, weeks 94 through 96, weeks 10 through 12

Just in time for the New Year, the Tsar intensified his assaults on Ukrainian civilians, murdering countless people again for fun and personal gain.

In his New Year’s speech, he said that 2024 would become the year of the family – if you’re Russian, that is. Otherwise, it will be all bullets and missiles for you. This is the same nationalistic tune that all far-right dictators and politicians sing. It still baffles me, though, how one human being can believe that another human being is less or of different worth.

No good news in the Israeli-Arab conflict either.

2024 is around the corner, and after this year, which is already 2.4 degrees hotter than last century, we need to step up our efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The big challenge for next year will be to convince more people that we’d need to do this – there’s a lot of reluctance toward the necessary changes, and it will be up to us to define a positive narrative and vision.

(Window Friday, Cologne, 12/31/23)


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