War in Europe, week 92 and week 8

Nothing new on the Eastern Front: The Tsar is continuing his murderous assault on Ukraine and its people. To continue to justify the war, he recently branded all queer people as a terrorist organization, following the same path as many dictators before him.

Fighting in the Arab-Israeli conflict has resumed, and there will be more cruelty and death in the coming weeks.

The chairperson of the COP, Sultan Al Jaber, has said that there is ‘no science’ behind demands for the phase-out of fossil fuels, according to The Guardian. That was not unexpected, but it’s a chilling statement nonetheless.

In a couple of days, the Earth Social Conference in Casanare will start and try to address the climate emergency and create a plan for a sustainable and equitable future.

(Breakfast with a view, Bogotá, 12/2/23)

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