War in Europe, week three

We’re in the third week of the war and the seventy-first week of the second Covid-19 shutdown.

The Czar is continuing to murder for his personal gain, and Covid-19 is killing people, too; the incidence in Cologne is at 2525 right now. And I haven’t talked about the climate emergency yet.

Our government is too afraid to take decisive action against Russia and stop all energy imports – I’m not proud of them right now. At least we’re taking in refugees this time.

I’ve turned off our heating to minimize energy consumption and not fund Putin’s murders.


(Gira Smart Home, Cologne, 3/13/22)

War in Europe, week two

The czar is still murdering people in Ukraine.

Thirty-five years after the end of the cold war, this new hot war reshapes our world and ends decades of peaceful cooperation.

The iron curtain is coming back up again. Sigh.

When the war started, Cologne was at the beginning of Carnival – we turned the annual parade into a peace rally, and many people attended. Not surprisingly, the incidence in Cologne skyrocketed during Carnival and is now at 2333.


(Cathedral, Cologne, 3/6/22)

War in Europe, week one

This week is the first week of the war in Europe, where Russia invaded Ukraine.

I am so, so tired of Cro-Magnon men forcing people to kill each other to secure their grip on power.

On Omicron BA.1 and BA.2, the incidence in Cologne is at 1046 right now.


(Listening to some Drill to drown out the sound of war in my head)

Shutdown two, week sixty-eight

Omicron is diminishing slightly; the incidence is at 1285 in Cologne right now. These numbers do not reflect the new BA.2 variant, though.

There was some backlash against my last post, mostly from people far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. Still, some people confuse acts of solidarity with infringement on personal liberties.

The only way to stop the pandemic is to prevent the spread of the virus.

Likewise, the only way to stop the impact of the climate emergency is to stop the proliferation of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

So simple.


(No-Schwurbel rally, Cologne, 2/14/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-seven

Omicron is still going strong; the incidence has risen even more, and it’s at 1658 right now in Cologne.

Did I mention that I’m entirely at a loss to understand the people demonstrating against the virus?

Another casualty of the pandemic, apart from losing friends and family to conspiracy theories, is my social media game. I hardly ever travel or leave the house for anything but shopping, so there are simply no opportunities to capture fantastic images for Instagram, as an example.

I still hunt Pokémon, but you can take only so many snapshots of your buddy before people stop liking them. And my YouTube channel has been dormant ever since the pandemic’s start. Oh well.

Other than that, life is pretty good! I’m very privileged to work from home, and all of my close family have recovered well.


(Steelix Raid, Cologne, 2/4/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-five

Omicron is going strong; the incidence is at 832 in Cologne today.

In Cologne (pop. 1,086,000), we now have about 140,000 people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 at one point in time.

And there are still people protesting against the virus.

Our new office is coming along nicely, and I’m very privileged to be able to work remotely almost exclusively. I’m very thankful for this and hope it will continue post-pandemic.

I am also very grateful for all the artists that support life in the home office through their music.

Lofi Generator 2022-01-16_edited

(Working from home, Lofi Girl, 1/16/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-three

The incidence in Cologne is rising again with Omicron; it’s at 454 today.

Irregardless of the massive spread of the disease and the ever-climbing figure of related deaths, there is still a loud minority protesting against Covid-19. As if a virus would care about a protest.

Even worse, these people (Schwurbler, as we fondly call them) have joined forces with the far-right and other conspiracy theorists.

Yesterday we finally had a counter-protest to show that most people believe in science and solidarity.


(Escort, Neumarkt, 1/17/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-two

The incidence in Cologne is rising again with Omicron; it’s at 312 today.

So far, it’s been a slow week, with a fantastic hybrid protest against RWE yesterday, though.

In our new office, I’m in the process of connecting the KNX bus to Google Assistant, using a Thinka gateway. Sometimes IT knowledge helps when dealing with IoT devices, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Veganuary is also coming along nicely.


(Veganuary, Cologne, 1/9/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-one – New Year

There is no reliable reporting on the incidence rates between the years, so we do not know how much they have been going up.

The beginning of a new year is usually the time for resolutions, so here’s mine:

  • I’ll try again to change to an entirely plant-based diet while ensuring that I don’t gain weight

I wish you all the best for 2022!


(Work from home setup, Cologne, 1/2/22)