War in Europe, weeks 97 through 102, weeks 13 through 18

The Tsar is still slaughtering Ukrainians for fun and personal gain, and there are no signs of him relenting. In Germany, he’s investing in a second political party, the BSW, in addition to the AfD, to further his right-wing agenda and destroy our democracy.

In the Israeli-Arab conflict, there’s a little glimmer of hope that a ceasefire might be reached soon; both sides are drafting and exchanging plans.

Domestic politics are overshadowing all climate issues – an undercover investigation into the German far-right party AfD has revealed its plans to forcefully drive out millions of people from Germany, especially those who are not aligned with their ultra-nationalist and ultra-conservative views. This is utterly despicable, and there have been countless protests and rallies all over Germany since.

We need to turn these protests into a long-term movement to defend democracy and our open society!

(Anti-AfD Protest, Cologne, 1/16/24)

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