War in Europe, week 40

The Tsar is not stopping his relentless assault on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, killing many and hurting even more.

This week he met with the mothers of fallen Russian soldiers. Soldiers he sent to conquer Ukraine and murder its people to foster his ambitions. And he expressed sympathy for their loss. That he caused. Can you be more cynical and more out of touch with reality?

Equally out of touch is the belligerent child emperor, who announced an “Amnesty” for people banned from his platform for hate speech this week. He also criticized executives from major advertising platforms for not paying him anymore.

His next big task will be to convince the alt-right to buy his EVs – if you’re a little bit open-minded, you wouldn’t want to be seen with a $70,000 MAGA hat, would you?

His actions have given federated social media networks a considerable boost, and I think our society and the Internet will unintentionally greatly benefit from it.

(Jason Weiser, Mastodon, 11/19/22)

War in Europe, week 39

After the liberation of Kherson by the Ukrainian forces, the Tsar continued its war of attrition against the people of Ukraine and bombed civilian infrastructure, murdering countless people.

The Tsar gets help from the regime in Iran. Not only do they slaughter the brave women who rise against decades of oppression, but now they have also started to help the Tsar by sharing weapons and technology to enable him to slaughter even more civilians in Ukraine.

Amid all of this, there is the soccer world cup in Qatar. In a shameful act of cowardice, our national team has reneged on the promise to display at least a small token of solidarity with the oppressed minorities in Qatar.

And there was COP27. The nations of the global North agreed in principle to set up a fund for Loss and Damage, which is progress, but no consensus was reached on phasing out fossil fuels.

(Boycott Qatar stage, Cologne, 11/20/22)

War in Europe, week 38

The best news of the week: The ЗСУ (ZSU) was able to liberate the city of Херсо́н (Kherson) and the people there from the Tsarist invaders! I am very happy for Ukraine and will continue to support them on United24 and Patreon.

Also, the Red Wave in the US did not materialize, and Democrats did not lose as heavily in the midterms as it was projected.

It was an excellent week for Democracy!

Alas, another big Narcicisst is wreaking havoc on public spaces and destroying a lot of communities in the process. If it weren’t so sad, it would be almost comical to watch the Chief Twit destroy his newest toy and sink 40 Billion Dollars in the process.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – there’s a great community starting on Mastodon, and it’s exhilarating to watch, almost as if a new city was born. It still has an issue with diversity and representation, though.

From the workplace: I doubled the main memory in my daily driver (ASUS Fanless Chromebox) and am very happy with the increase in speed and reliability.

(top output, crosh, 11/12/22)

War in Europe, week 37

The Tsar is continuing with his atrocities, murdering civilians and destroying vital public infrastructure in Ukraine. All because he wants to punish Ukraine for not succumbing to his wishes. Who could have thought that the people of Ukraine would not be happy to live in an authoritarian regime?

We observed the same behavior with Elon this week: He bought himself a shiny new toy, publicly tore off its head and limbs, and then faulted others for not wanting to play with it anymore.

That logic is almost Trumpian.

What is wrong with the males of our species?

On the other crises: There will be a central rally to protect our climate in Lützerath on November 12th.

And on a personal note, I got my BA.4/BA.5 boosters this week.

(Coffee and gift, Berlin, 11/5/22)

War in Europe, week 35 and 36

The Tsar has expanded his murderous spree and given up on all pretense to target military installations. During the last weeks, he has been trying to destroy all civilian infrastructure and bomb the people of Ukraine into submission.

Despicable. But some people in our government circles still want to negotiate with him, both from the far right and far left. Our aid is only half-hearted, and we’re sending much less weaponry than we could.

A very positive development this week was that Brazil elected a progressive candidate for president. Excellent news for the people of Brazil and the Amazon rainforest!

Not so good was that Twitter now has an alt-right owner and started laying off engineers and dismantling content moderation immediately. If you are on Mastodon and would like to follow me there, here’s my handle: @chfrankcgn@chaos.social

Even more devastating news came from Seoul, where many people were killed in a mass panic during the Halloween celebrations.

Let’s hope next week will bring some good news – the second season of To Your Eternity has started simulcasting on Crunchyroll!

(Yumoto Hakone, Redbubble & teenage engineering, 10/30/22)

War in Europe, week 34

The Tsar continues to murder the Ukrainian people indiscriminately, and our government continues to hold back aid. Le sigh.

The rift between the Greens and the climate justice movement is widening, with protest rallies in front of their annual conferences and scathing speeches on stage. The Greens cut a deal with RWE in Northrhine-Westfalia, and it is as dirty as a deal can get and pretty bad for our climate.

I finished my first on-site engagement after the start of the pandemic. Now it’s back to remote work for the remainder of the year, at least.

(Central Station, Cologne, 10/12/22)

War in Europe, week 33

Nothing new to report: The Tsar is continuing his murderous spree, shelling Ukrainian cities for no reason. That there are people from the far right who support Russia and the killing is pretty despicable.

So many men worldwide cannot adapt to the 21st century and try whatever they can to propel us back into the past.

The climate emergency does not stop either, and this week our Greens made a pact with the devil and outsold the Paris Agreement to RWE.

We cannot sit quietly on the sidelines and let that happen.

(Lützi bleibt, Ebertplatz, 10/7/22)

War in Europe, week 32

Not enough with imposing a draft, the Tsar also decided to steal parts of Ukraine in a sham referendum. The rest of the world obviously can’t let him get away with that, but any prospect for peace has dramatically diminished.

In Iran, triggered by a murder of a young woman by the police, women are protesting in the streets, fighting for freedom and justice. They deserve our full support, and we shall amplify their voices worldwide.

Women – Life – Freedom!

Florida and the Carolinas saw severe devastation through a hurricane, and we can only hope that only a few people died.

(bTbT, Alter Markt Cologne, 9/30/22)

War in Europe, week 31

As if there was not enough bloodshed already, the Tsar ordered a (partial) mobilization and threatened us again with using nuclear weapons. And we keep holding off from sending modern tanks. Oh well.

Italy had general elections this weekend and chose to put a fascist party in the lead. Can it get worse? There is still a pandemic raging on, and the climate emergency looms on the horizon.

Friday was the 11th Global Climate Strike, with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets all over Europe. There is hope!

(Global Climate Strike, Cologne, 9/23/22)

War in Europe, week 30

Summer has given way to fall, and the tsar is still butchering people.

There is less and less Russian energy coming into Europe, so we’re looking at a relatively cold winter – the real hardship is in the occupied parts of Ukraine, though. And we need to do all we can to support the people there.

Unlike our government, which remains quite timid in its actions.

Next Friday is the next Global Climate Strike – more needed than ever! Many energy lobbyists use the war as a pretense to breathe new life into their dead but still lucrative fossil fuel businesses.

(Parking Day, Cologne, 9/16/22)