Shutdown two, week sixty-three

The incidence in Cologne is rising again with Omicron; it’s at 454 today.

Irregardless of the massive spread of the disease and the ever-climbing figure of related deaths, there is still a loud minority protesting against Covid-19. As if a virus would care about a protest.

Even worse, these people (Schwurbler, as we fondly call them) have joined forces with the far-right and other conspiracy theorists.

Yesterday we finally had a counter-protest to show that most people believe in science and solidarity.


(Escort, Neumarkt, 1/17/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-two

The incidence in Cologne is rising again with Omicron; it’s at 312 today.

So far, it’s been a slow week, with a fantastic hybrid protest against RWE yesterday, though.

In our new office, I’m in the process of connecting the KNX bus to Google Assistant, using a Thinka gateway. Sometimes IT knowledge helps when dealing with IoT devices, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Veganuary is also coming along nicely.


(Veganuary, Cologne, 1/9/22)

Shutdown two, week sixty-one – New Year

There is no reliable reporting on the incidence rates between the years, so we do not know how much they have been going up.

The beginning of a new year is usually the time for resolutions, so here’s mine:

  • I’ll try again to change to an entirely plant-based diet while ensuring that I don’t gain weight

I wish you all the best for 2022!


(Work from home setup, Cologne, 1/2/22)

Shutdown two, week fifty-nine

With Omicron on the horizon, (Delta) incidence figures are still going down in Cologne; they are at 255 right now.

Looking at the UK, Denmark, and the Netherlands, we should probably go into a complete lockdown right now – alas, nobody wants to take the responsibility (or blame) for doing that over Christmas.

Our RKI is asking for maximal contact reductions, though – we plan to stay home over Christmas and New Year and hope everybody else will do the same.

On a positive note, our move went well so far, and the new office space is coming along nicely.

Happy Holidays!


(Pikachu on the shelf, Cologne, 12/17/21)

Shutdown two, week fifty-eight

The incidence in Cologne is going down slightly again; it’s at 300 now.

The number of new infections in Schools and Kindergartens seems to lessen a bit; also, the vaccines for kids from the age of five onward are finally available now.

Our new minister of health realized that the previous government did not order enough vaccines for the first quarter of 2022. Oh my.

Short update this week – we’re in the middle of moving to a new (home) office.


(Moving, Cologne, 12/14/21)

Shutdown two, week fifty-seven

The incidence in Cologne is slightly going down; it’s at 391 now.

We have a new government!

Two important aspects: The new minister of the Interior stated that the biggest threat to our democracy stems from right-wing terrorists. She will make that a priority for her tenure. Yes!

And the new minister for Transportation from the FDP said that there would be no future for internal combustion engines. From the FDP.

Also, I got my booster shot. Get vaccinated, everybody!


(New versus old, Cologne, 12/4/21)

Shutdown two, week fifty-six

The incidence in Cologne is almost 400.

Our government, old and new, federal and state, finally had a conference where they debated what measures they might decide to enact in the coming weeks. With 100,000 people dead already.

Why am I not impressed?

At least they are considering mandatory vaccination, which is a good start.

A full lockdown would also be nice.

And closing the schools!


(Cathedral at night, Cologne, 11/28/21)

Shutdown two, week fifty-five

The fourth wave is in full swing, and the incidence in Cologne is at 290. We have introduced a new trigger measure based on hospitalization; with the delay between infection and becoming ill, this amounts to sounding the fire alarm when the building is already engulfed in flames.

On the bright side, we might get a new government in early December. At the moment, our handling of both emergencies, Covid-19 and climate change, is abysmal at best.

Walking through Cologne, I came across this blast from the past: Did men ever fall for this kind of imagery?


(Advertising from a bygone era, Cologne, 11/21/21)