War in Europe, weeks 88 and 89, weeks 4 and 5

Even though the Tsar is continuing to murder Ukrainians, the occupation is overshadowed by the Israeli-Arab conflict and the bloody battles there.

Antisemitism is on the rise worldwide; the Abraham Accords are on hold, so Hamas has already achieved its fundamental goal of isolating Israel and making a lasting peace highly unlikely.

Portraying Hamas, a very violent and militant Islamist terrorist group, as “freedom fighters” is no small PR feat – Hamas fighters hate Jews and Queers with a vengeance and strongly oppose Women’s rights; there is no freedom whatsoever in a world controlled by Hamas.

To be clear: There is no justification for killing innocent civilians, neither for religion nor revenge, or both; the space for compassion, however, is currently being drowned out by righteous ignorance.

One casualty of this is Fridays for Future, torn apart by warring factions from the Left.

Does the climate emergency care? No, global heating will continue to destroy our planet as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels.

Will we all suffer? Yes.

(The “L”, Chicago, 11/4/23)

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