War in Europe, weeks 112 through 113, and weeks 28 through 29

The GOP finally agreed to provide further military aid to Ukraine, and the President signed the bill into law immediately. We can only hope it will be in time to replenish the dwindling resources of the Ukrainian army and halt the current Russian advances.

Our chancellor is still too afraid to send advanced long-range weapons; some parts of the ruling Social Democrats have not yet understood the ruthless nature of the Tsarist regime.

The outlook on the Arab-Israeli war is pretty bleak; the only way forward to a peaceful resolution and an end to the massive deaths of civilians seems to be new elections in Israel, as proposed by the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, in early March.

On climate, the car lobby scared the German population with car-free Sundays and thus reached a weakening of CO2-reduction goals. Climate Emergency, anyone?

(Radkutsche, Alter Markt, 4/19/24)

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