War in Europe, weeks 86 and 87, weeks 2 and 3

The people of Ukraine are still fighting heroically against the Tsar’s aggression and seem to be making progress. That’s good news!

Not so good news from the other war, however. Countless innocent civilians are being killed daily on both sides, and all we can do from afar is hope for a quick end to the bloodshed and support everybody affected.

And of all the conflicts in the world, Greta decided to wade smack into the middle of the Arab–Israeli conflict. Oh well.

The climate emergency does not wait, nor can we dally with finding a solution. In December, there will be the Earth Social Conference in Casanare, Colombia, where climate realists from all over the world will get together to work on a global strategy.

We’ll be there with a delegation from Cologne – I hope to see you there, too!

(Disarstar – Rolex für Alle Tour, Carlswerk Victoria, 10/15/23)

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