War in Europe, weeks 75 through 77

No change to report – the Tsar continues his atrocities, now targeting civilians, mainly children, and their food supply. How can a person with a sane mind enjoy mass-murdering people? And why would people in his country support this?

There’s also no change to report on the climate front – our government is an utter failure and entirely enthralled by the fossil fuel lobby. And the German auto manufacturers. Or is there any other valid reason not to limit the speed on motorways?

In September, they plan an international car fair in Munich, the IAA. There might be protests, though, to spoil the fun.

Also, in September, there will be the next global climate strike, and leading up to this date, Fridays for Future has resumed the weekly Friday protests.

(Don’t talk – fight, Cologne Central Station, 8/11/23)


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