War in Europe, weeks 72 through 74

Adding to his list of atrocities, the Tsar is now deliberately bombing grain silos in Ukraine, risking food security in Africa and starving people. He claims to be Christian, so I think his god will likely throw him and his minions into the deepest parts of hell after they pass on.

Unfortunately for us, right-wing ideology is on the rise everywhere. I believe it’s the patriarchy fearing the loss of privilege and, in the process, trying to destroy everything that’s not White and does not fit into their narrow worldview. (If you haven’t seen Barbie, do that now!)

Pride was much more political this year than the previous year because of the backlash against universal human rights in countries ruled by right-wing dictators and autocrats.

And there is the issue of the impending climate emergency – our current government is a complete failure in this regard. Instead of at least trying to curb greenhouse gas emissions, they are actively increasing the burning of fossil fuels, framing themselves as beacons of stability while completely ignoring the catastrophic changes we have inflicted on our planet. Oh well.

The next global climate strike will be on September 15th!

(Fridays for Future, Cologne Pride, 7/9/23)

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