War in Europe, weeks 78 through 84

The Tsar continues his senseless slaughter of civilians, and right-wing politicians worldwide offer their support.

Even though the war has faded from the public eye, people in Ukraine are dying daily. So are people in the Mediterranean Sea because right-wing governments refuse to establish safe migration routes.

On our path to a climate emergency, we have passed a couple of climate markers and are now en route to global heating between 2 and 3 degrees, leaving large parts of our planet uninhabitable.

The world is not a happy place right now.

The last global climate strike offered hope, with turnout returning to pre-Covid levels. But we must do more – a plan for an equitable and sustainable present!

As COP28 is wholly broken and headed by fossil fuel officials, we’re supporting the plans for an alternative conference at the same time, the Earth Social Conference.

(Sharepic by @EarthSocialConf, X, 10/2/23)

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