War in Europe, week 52

Next week it will be one year since the Tsar went and invaded neighboring Ukraine. The murder continues unabated, combined with a relentless assault on civilian infrastructure.

According to vice-president Kamala Harris, the US has formally concluded that the Tsar is committing crimes against humanity and that those involved will be held accountable.

Not so our far-left, who, out of an old allegiance to the former Soviet Union, are attempting to frame the Tsar’s murders as a peace effort. Same for the far-right, who will support any dictator to undermine our democracy.

You cannot call for negotiations if one side does not want to negotiate.

In Germany, after losing all state elections in a row, the market liberal party in the government is trying to block all measures to protect our climate that could displease their last remaining voters. Die-hard car lovers are rejoicing, but we will all suffer greatly.

On March 3, there will be the next global climate strike!


(Location scouting, Cologne, 2/4/23)

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