War in Europe, weeks 53 and 54

One year in, the Tsar is still indiscriminately terrorizing and murdering people in Ukraine.

I have deep contempt for our Left (and Right, of course), who condone the Tsar’s actions and belittle the horrors he’s inflicting on innocent civilians. He’s a fascist dictator and a terrorist.

Russian scholars do not believe that there will be peace while the current Tsar is ruling Russia; they say that his goal is a state of perpetual war against the West rather than winning. Some scholars suggest that he might stop once East Germany is back under Russian influence and control.

In any case, we have no other chance than to push back and defend our freedom.

To enjoy our freedom, we will need a livable planet, and there we face another enemy: Corporate greed and ignorant politicians.

Last weekend we had a powerful global strike with one of the largest unions in Germany – we will need to stop using fossil fuels now, including for personal transportation. Or, as we fondly say: Car is over.

(Early buildup for the bicycle rally, Global Climate Strike, Cologne, 3/3/23)

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