War in Europe, week 51

The war and the murders continue, and the Tsar prepares for a spring assault.

In Germany, the far Left (Sarah Wagenknecht), the far Right (unmentionable), and the TERFs (Alice Schwarzer) get together to spread the Tsar’s propaganda and condemn the people of Ukraine to a life of darkness and servitude.

In the US, the governor of Florida (Ron DeSantis) increasingly sounds like Putin in their war on western culture and a tolerant and open society. Banning books has never helped society to mend and grow.

Turkiye and Syria have been devastated by an earthquake – the only organization that I am aware of that can support the people in the north of Syria is the White Helmets.

Coming up: The next global climate strike is on March 3rd!

(Albertus-Magnus Platz, Cologne, 2/11/23)


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