War in Europe, week 50

Almost a year into the war, the Tsar is not relenting in his murderous assaults on Ukraine.

We have finally agreed to transfer Leopard-2 battle tanks and, more recently, Leopard-1. Now all that’s missing is the actual shipment. As usual, the US is first and has sent their Bradleys on their way.

In an exciting turn of events, China sent spy balloons to the Americas and was not happy when the US shot one of them down.

Elon has done it again and announced that access to the Twitter API would only be available for paying customers. It’s his property, and he’s free to do what he wants, but did he have to ruin Twitter for his vision of an ‘everything’ app?

GitHub has given Mastodon its seal of approval, and it’s now available in the GitHub profile section.

(Mastodon profile with GitHub verification, 2/2/23)

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