War in Europe, week 47

No change to report; the Tsar is still targeting and murdering civilians in Ukraine.

Also, the latest news mentions that the Tsar plans to enlist 500.000 more soldiers this year. All these young Russians will be sent to their deaths so that he can continue his dream of being a powerful ruler.

What cruelty and waste of precious human lives!

The latest Covid-19 variant (XBB.1.5) seems to be a lot more transmissible than earlier variants and can easily bypass the immune reactions from the current set of vaccines. Why exactly are we reducing the recommendations to wear a mask?

On the climate emergency, the fight for Lützerath was the most significant issue this week.

Last year, the state of NRW and the company RWE Power struck a deal that gave RWE rights to burn more coal and make more profit; the state got nothing in return. Nevertheless, the state is using all its might in the form of riot police to drive climate activists from the lignite mine.

As if that was not bad enough, the ruling Greens, after having been duped by a powerful corporation, still defend their decisions and blame the climate activists instead. It would have been such a welcome change in the behavior of politicians had they admitted their mistakes.

(Sound truck, Lützerath, 1/14/23)

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