War in Europe, week 45 and 46

Orthodox Christmas: The Tsar announced a unilateral cease-fire and didn’t keep it. Not that anyone believed that he would – he simply keeps murdering people.

Covid-19 is exploding in China, causing many deaths that could have been prevented; travel advisories are being implemented.

January is way too warm in Europe, and ski tourism is suffering. Maybe that’s something that will get people to understand the climate emergency.

People who are still utterly tone-deaf regarding our climate and global heating are our Greens. They struck a pretty ugly deal with RWE to bolster RWE’s profits at the expense of our future. I’m not entirely sure what they got in return – lucrative positions in the future, maybe?

All I can say is, “Lützerath bleibt!” – the Greens will need to call in many riot police units from all over the republic to fight with climate activists and hand over their gift to RWE.

(RWE Destroyer, Lützerath, 12/31/22)

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