War in Europe, week 44

Christmas 2022: Ten months ago, the Tsar invaded Ukraine and, to this day, continues to slaughter the Ukrainian people and destroy their civil infrastructure.

What has begun as a “special military operation” has officially become a full-fledged war and will leave both countries utterly devastated for decades. All because of one deluded male who wants to secure his place in history.

The Tsar has few remaining allies; one is Iran supplying weapons to Russia to kill more Ukrainians while simultaneously killing their people for protesting.

And my government is still not sending tanks.

This week I learned that “Carol of the Bells” is a beautiful Ukrainian song Щедрик, sung on New Year’s evening.

Covid is ravaging China, and our hospitals are fully occupied.

Also, the Greens are still poised to help RWE burn more coal.

(1.5-degree border, Lützerath, 12/17/22)

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