War in Europe, week 40

The Tsar is not stopping his relentless assault on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, killing many and hurting even more.

This week he met with the mothers of fallen Russian soldiers. Soldiers he sent to conquer Ukraine and murder its people to foster his ambitions. And he expressed sympathy for their loss. That he caused. Can you be more cynical and more out of touch with reality?

Equally out of touch is the belligerent child emperor, who announced an “Amnesty” for people banned from his platform for hate speech this week. He also criticized executives from major advertising platforms for not paying him anymore.

His next big task will be to convince the alt-right to buy his EVs – if you’re a little bit open-minded, you wouldn’t want to be seen with a $70,000 MAGA hat, would you?

His actions have given federated social media networks a considerable boost, and I think our society and the Internet will unintentionally greatly benefit from it.

(Jason Weiser, Mastodon, 11/19/22)

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