War in Europe, week 39

After the liberation of Kherson by the Ukrainian forces, the Tsar continued its war of attrition against the people of Ukraine and bombed civilian infrastructure, murdering countless people.

The Tsar gets help from the regime in Iran. Not only do they slaughter the brave women who rise against decades of oppression, but now they have also started to help the Tsar by sharing weapons and technology to enable him to slaughter even more civilians in Ukraine.

Amid all of this, there is the soccer world cup in Qatar. In a shameful act of cowardice, our national team has reneged on the promise to display at least a small token of solidarity with the oppressed minorities in Qatar.

And there was COP27. The nations of the global North agreed in principle to set up a fund for Loss and Damage, which is progress, but no consensus was reached on phasing out fossil fuels.

(Boycott Qatar stage, Cologne, 11/20/22)

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