War in Europe, week 41

Winter is here, and the people in Ukraine are freezing. Can there be anything more cynical than the Tsar continuing to destroy the remaining civilian infrastructure? And murdering innocent people?

My last shreds of sympathy for Russia and its people are gone now – let them have their iron curtain back and leave the rest of us alone.

Two other ultra-conservative strongmen face opposition in their respective countries (Iran and China), too, and are violently quelling unrest, causing massive harm and suffering for the people.

And then there is our make-believe strongman, slowly destroying social media out of spite. The bird had already left my home screen; I also removed it from my bookmarks.

Not to forget Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Turkey) and Viktor Mihály Orbán (Hungary).

Why is it always the males of our species causing so much harm to others for their gain?

(Wedding, Cologne, 12/3/22)

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