Shutdown two, week forty-two

The incidence in Cologne is at 138. Need I say more?

Our climate camp is joining OKNB for the trip to Berlin and will take a break until mid-September, returning for the final week of climate election campaigning and the next global climate strike on September 24.

We desperately need a more competent government, one that values compassion and science. And doesn’t invent forms to prevent our Afghan friends from leaving the country and joining us.

On a private note, I’ve submitted my thesis on time. Wish me luck!


(Directions, Klimacamp Cologne, 8/23/21)

Shutdown two, week thirty-two

Like last spring and early summer, the number of infections is steadily declining, and we’re easing all restrictions on public life. Outdoor dining is possible, and the streets are full of people!

The climate justice camp in Cologne is also going strong, with almost daily events, music, and lectures.

On a personal note, I’ve completed all written exams for university; now, I can focus on my thesis.


(Cologne, Climate Justice Camp, 6/13/21)

Shutdown two, week thirty

Infections rates are still going down, luckily, so beginning Monday, we will lift the curfew in Cologne, and restaurants will allow outdoor seating.

If the downward trend continues, restaurants might open the week after next for outdoor seating without checking for test results.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Having said this, I will wait until after two weeks after my second shot before venturing out again for anything but necessary shopping.

And sitting exams.


(Rheinauhafen, FOM Hochschule, 5/17/21)

LDW +3

Three years ago was my last day at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and now my time at the university is coming to a close, too.

Two years ago, there were no signs of all the changes the pandemic would bring.

A year ago, we were already fighting with the pandemic, and I was already doing regular walks with my buddy Machop.

Today, I will go on another walk with him.

But, I am still as excited as I was three years ago, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


(Machop with a gift and Twitch, Cologne, 4/9/21)

Shutdown two, week seven

The second week of the hard(er) lockdown and a new mutation has surfaced in England and South Africa, with a much higher infection rate.

Christmas and New Years’ for me will be virtual celebrations only.

Which should give me enough time to finish all the outstanding work for university! (One paper left for this term, data analysis on blog performance)

I’m not a fan of winter and the darkness – I’m quite happy that the winter solstice has passed and that we can look for brighter days to come.

And as the days get longer, there will be more time to look for Pokémon with my buddy Machop.


(Rain, Pokémon Go, 12/21/20)


A couple of weeks ago, I built myself a second desktop workstation, based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and the XFCE desktop environment.

The workstation is fanless, with a low-power CPU. And fast!

I am so happy with my new setup’s performance and usability; if it weren’t for Microsoft Office, I’d switch for good.


(Desktop, 7/13/20)

Be considerate and stay home!

City and Council of Cologne are requesting all citizens and visitors to stay home and cancel all events, big and small.

The goal is to minimize all forms of social contact during the next couple of weeks, to slow down the spreading of SARS-CoV-2 (and thus COVID-19), as especially the elderly and people with a weakened immune systems are at risk.

So, be considerate, stay at home and help your neighbors!


(Empty cinema, 3/13/20)

2020 Goals

Here are my goals for this year:

  • Further reduce my carbon footprint and continue to actively support Fridays For Future in the struggle to achieve climate justice
  • Reach at least a normal BMI, i.e. a BMI less than 24.9:
      • Reduce my weight below 174 lbs. (79kg) and start exercising
  • Submit at least three responses to Call for Papers / Meetup talks
  • Run regular Rancher meetups in Cologne
  • Process YouTube backlog, publish regularly on YouTube throughout the year, and improve my video and photo skills
  • Reach these Social Media milestones:
      • 10.000 Tweets
      • 1.000 Instagram posts
      • 100 YouTube videos
  • Earn enough credits to start my Bachelor thesis in early 2021

2020 must be the year in which CO2 emissions begin to drop!


(#COP25 – posted by Aidan R. Gallagher)

Wine quality

As part of a school machine learning project I stumbled upon the excellent tutorial by Elite Data Science on Scikit and wine quality.

This tutorial uses a data set on wine quality for training and testing provided by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

As we’re nearing the end of life on Python 2.x, I’ve updated the tutorial script to work with Python 3.5.3 (on Debian 9).

Great starting point to work with new data – I can highly recommend the tutorial!