War in Europe, week 122 through 123, and weeks 38 through 39

There is no significant change in Russia’s war against Ukraine; the new delivery of weapons and ammunition helps, and the promised F-16 fighters should arrive soon.

The EU presidency changed and is now with Hungary for six months. The Hungarian PM, Victor Orbán, visited Kyiv to ask Ukraine to stop defending itself against the invasion. Then, he went on to see the Tsar and pay his respects. After being criticized by his European peers, he canceled a meeting with the German foreign minister. What?

Looking at politics in the eastern countries and states, I sometimes wonder if people there would actually be happier if they aligned more closely with Russia. Maybe Western Europe has stretched too far to the East, and we should let people who prefer the Tsar and authoritarianism over Democracy live their lives as they want to.

The Arab-Israeli war continues unabated, with enormous civilian deaths and no avenue to peace in sight. There are way too many older men clinging to power.

The European elections do not bode well for the EU Green Deal; however, the UK elections might boost climate justice. And, in an exciting turn of events, the head of the conservative Christian Democrats in Germany has confessed his love for heat pumps!

(Road to Nowhere, 6/28/24, Fischenich)

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