War in Europe, weeks 119 through 121, and weeks 35 through 37

The renewed military supplies from the US seem to enable Ukraine to halt and push back the Tsar’s advance in the invasion. Still, there’s a long way to push back the invaders and achieve peace.

In the eastern states of Germany, the right-wing political parties (CDU, BSW, noAfD) who support the Tsar’s agenda are starting a smear campaign against Ukrainian refugees. It gets pretty interesting in the case of the CDU, which is very much pro-Ukrainian in the western states; only in the eastern states do they peddle the hateful nationalist, pro-Putin rhetoric.

As much as there seems to be a silver lining on the horizon for Ukraine, there’s no progress in the Israeli-Arab war. Quite the contrary, every day brings new potential conflicts and border fights; even the Israeli military now concedes that Hamas cannot be beaten with military means. But, the Israeli prime minister has resolved the war cabinet and now rules without any moderate influence.

This week, the climate won a small victory: the EU parliament finally voted in favor of the Nature Restoration Law!

The European elections were a disaster. Not unexpectedly, people voted for right-wing parties in several countries, including Germany. Voter analysis reveals a significant gender gap—the percentage of (young) males voting right-wing is much higher than that of the rest of the population.

(Vantage point, Fischenich, 6/20/24)

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