War in Europe, weeks 114 through 115, and weeks 30 through 31

There is little to report other than the Tsar continuing his murderous spree. We are receiving encouraging reports from the front lines, though, as assistance from the US seems to arrive and make a difference on the battlefield again.

The festivities marking the liberation of Europe from the terrors unleashed by my ancestors are much more subdued this year due to the current bloodshed performed by the Red Army.

Very much related is the increasing isolation of Israel in the current conflict with the Arab world – there is a difference between defending oneself and killing civilians. I’m pleased that the US has started to withhold offensive weaponry!

Overall, there are currently way too many strongmen in power worldwide trying to undo decades of progress and return the world to the bleak ages of the last century.

This, in turn, means that we need to strengthen the European Union and get as many people to vote for its parliament as we can to bolster its legitimacy.

Climate emergency? Which emergency?

(Fahrrad beim Funkebüdche, Ühlepooz, 5/8/24)

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