War in Europe, weeks 65 and 66

“Nothing like waking up to Russians committing more insane war crimes” (Kris)

In the early hours of today, the Tsar destroyed Dnipro Dam, endangering the lives of many Ukrainians and destroying their livelihood; the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant seems also to be destroyed.

He also continues to attack Kherson while rescue workers evacuate civilians.

That’s so beyond redemption.

On climate, the “Liberals” in our coalition government are trying to block every measure that might limit CO2 emissions. We will continue to work to keep the coal in the ground for the remaining two open-pit lignite mines.

On June 25, the next protest will be at the Welzow mine.

Summer is finally here, and the spring simulcasts are drawing to a close.

(Dead Mount Death Play, Crunchyroll, 6/5/23)

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