War in Europe, week 37

The Tsar is continuing with his atrocities, murdering civilians and destroying vital public infrastructure in Ukraine. All because he wants to punish Ukraine for not succumbing to his wishes. Who could have thought that the people of Ukraine would not be happy to live in an authoritarian regime?

We observed the same behavior with Elon this week: He bought himself a shiny new toy, publicly tore off its head and limbs, and then faulted others for not wanting to play with it anymore.

That logic is almost Trumpian.

What is wrong with the males of our species?

On the other crises: There will be a central rally to protect our climate in Lützerath on November 12th.

And on a personal note, I got my BA.4/BA.5 boosters this week.

(Coffee and gift, Berlin, 11/5/22)

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