Shutdown two, week twenty

The lockdown is finally grown up; it’s no longer a teenager. After today’s about-face from our government over Easter restrictions, we’ll probably see it go into its thirties or forties. Can we get a new government, please?

Last Friday, though, we had the latest global climate strike – it was a total success! In Cologne, we had six fully Corona-compliant stages and made ourselves felt and heard throughout the city.

People understood the urgency of change to prevent the climate emergency, and we got pretty good media coverage.

Corona enabled us to have remote presenters from all over the world, and we were able to invite renowned scientists, such as Jason von Juterczenka, to give short lectures without the need for travel.

We will, however, need to elect a government this fall that understands the climate crisis and is willing to act!


(Cologne, Lecture by Jason von Juterczenka, 3/19/21)

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