Gleueler Wiesen

It’s not only the Dannenröder Forst or the open-pit mine Garzweiler where our politicians stick to the ideas of yesteryear and ignore the climate emergency.

In our fair city, Cologne, the city council is determined to destroy the city’s lung, the green belt, for our soccer club’s benefit. The club is not that successful, they play on and off in the Bundesliga, but they are well-liked in the city.

Soccer is quite emotional, making it quite challenging to speak out against their expansion plans; however, the city’s climate and its inhabitants’ well-being are equally essential. There are several good alternatives to their plans to destroy the Gleuler Wiesen.

With the looming climate crisis upon us, we should no longer destroy old habitats for the profit of a few!


(Climate strike, Gleueler Wiesen, 10/31/20)

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