War in Europe, week 56, 57, and 58

The Tsar is committing one atrocity after another and continues slaughtering innocent people.

And there are still people here who question our military aid to Ukraine.

Should we rather sit back and observe the killing? Like we watch people drown in the Mediterranean Sea and starve at our borders?

But not all is lost on the left of the political spectrum; some very reasonable people are still actively working to achieve justice for all. Quite to the contrary, though, on the right side of the political spectrum – we currently observe a strong push on both sides of the Atlantic trying to marginalize and punish everybody who’s not cis-gender, hetero-normative, and White.

On the issue of global heating, our current government last week ended all pretenses to work to minimize the upcoming catastrophic impacts actively.

(Police protecting the political party that must not be named, Cologne, 4/2/23)

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