War in Europe, week eleven – Liberation Day

It’s seventy-seven years after the allied forces defeated Germany and liberated us from the National Socialists, and there is again a war ravaging Europe.

The tsarist autocracy is trying to subdue the sovereign nation of Ukraine and grab as much territory from it as it can get, committing severe war crimes and countless atrocities on the way.

Finally, our government and the EU are getting serious about supporting the people of Ukraine: There are more weapons on the way, and the EU has committed to an embargo on Russian coal and oil.

Also, more and more European state officials are making their way to Kyiv; currently, our parliament chairperson is meeting with the Ukrainian government, and our foreign minister will be next.

If Russia wants a new Iron Curtain, so be it – but east of Ukraine!

The Covid-19 incidence rate in Cologne is further down; it’s at 390.


(Bärbel Bas with Denys Shmyhal, Kyiv, 5/8/22, Photo by Enrico Brissa)

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