Shutdown two, week sixty-seven

Omicron is still going strong; the incidence has risen even more, and it’s at 1658 right now in Cologne.

Did I mention that I’m entirely at a loss to understand the people demonstrating against the virus?

Another casualty of the pandemic, apart from losing friends and family to conspiracy theories, is my social media game. I hardly ever travel or leave the house for anything but shopping, so there are simply no opportunities to capture fantastic images for Instagram, as an example.

I still hunt Pokémon, but you can take only so many snapshots of your buddy before people stop liking them. And my YouTube channel has been dormant ever since the pandemic’s start. Oh well.

Other than that, life is pretty good! I’m very privileged to work from home, and all of my close family have recovered well.


(Steelix Raid, Cologne, 2/4/22)

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