Liberation Day

Seventy-six years ago, the Allied Forces were finally victorious and rid the world of the German terror. They put an end to the most heinous crime ever performed in human history, and I am forever grateful.

I fully support making Liberation Day a national holiday, lest we forget all the sacrifices needed to end the terror regime. We do need to stay vigilant!

Fast forward, we’re in week twenty-seven of the Covid-19 lockdown, and there is some good news: The number of new infections is slowly going down, the “Bundesnotbremse” and the curfews seem to work. Also, the Astra Zeneca vaccine is now available to all adults.

One substantial open issue remains: How do we protect kids and adolescents? Pfizer is testing their vaccine for teenagers – I keep my fingers crossed!

Liberation Day_edited

(Liberation Day / Tag der Befreiung)

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