International Holocaust Remembrance Day

74 years ago, the German concentration camp at Oswiecim (Auschwitz) was liberated by the advancing Red Army, and the surviving prisoners freed.

Today we commemorate this day as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, lest we forget.

Never again!


Photo: ZDFheute / Reuters (via Twitter)

The Caravan

It’s not my country, and I only watch from afar – but I cannot understand how one can earnestly condone shooting tear gas at refugee families. Or sending troops and militias.

I also cannot understand how one can stand by while people chase refugees through the streets (in Chemnitz), or advocate to let them drown (in the Mediterranean Sea).

To me, this goes way beyond (party) politics, for me that touches the core of what I believe being human actually means – to have compassion.

We know that every living creature has the same desire: to be happy and content, and to avoid suffering

We’re one, on one planet, and there’s only one way forward: together


Weekend 11/9 – 11/11

A weekend full of extreme contrasts, for me at least – and I’m not done with it yet

Friday, 11/9

  • marks the 80th anniversary of the “Reichsprogromnacht” or “Kristallnacht” that signaled the begin of the industrial annihilation of 6 Million people and a whole culture. To date, this is the most heinous crime against humanity ever committed, and the enormous loss and guilt will be felt for generations to come. Being born into the country of perpetrators for me is a responsibility to ensure that such crime will never occur again, and I thus have zero understanding for neo-Nazis, alt-rights, AfDler, white supremacists or whatever they might call themselves – never again!
  • is also my birthday, and I had a very good evening out with friends to celebrate (with a slight pang of guilt)

Sunday, 11/11

  • “Armistice Day” or “Remembrance Day” marks the 100 year anniversary of the end of the first World War, the great seminal catastrophe of last century, where again millions of lives were lost at the whim of the German Emperor, for a totally pointless cause – lest we forget!
  • All around us, this is a rather solemn affair, not so at home – here, 11/11 at 11:11 marks the beginning of Carnival and is a rambunctious party on all public places and streets

Oh well. Quiet day for me.



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What a weekend!

Let’s recap what happened last weekend:

  • Brazil elected a right-wing extremist for President
  • Eleven were killed in the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue
  • After the election in Hesse, Chancellor Merkel will not seek re-election
  • IBM bought (or wants to buy) Red Hat

Things that didn’t happen:

  • Horst Seehofer announcing his resignation
  • SPD leaving the coalition government

All hopes are now on the outcome of the midterm election in the US, and on SUSE.


Presidential Election Brazil 2018

Losing an election in Democracy is absolutely normal. It’s [a] part [of democracy]. The serious problem is to lose Democracy in an election. It would be tragic. Let’s turn [it around]!

Tweet by Carlos Minc in support of Fernando Haddad

#HaddadPresidente #ViradaComHaddad